Foreign Languages


​Studies have shown that learning a second language enhances the child’s cognitive development, resulting in better grades in school and higher test scores later in life. Furthermore, acquiring a foreign language increases children's cultural awareness and helps them succeed in our multi-cultural society.

At SemSem School, we teach Arabic and French to children through a total immersion curriculum. We offer an innovative and stimulating program that focuses on communication and interaction. Our professional language instructors are highly experienced and passionate about language learning. They engage with the students through hands-on classroom activities and value each child’s pace and individual interest.

Along with the academic teaching, we introduce elements of the culture and history of the target language to provide a meaningful cultural experience. By learning a new language, children learn about the world around them.


Our program accommodates varying levels of learning. Students take a placement test to be enrolled in one of the following levels depending on age and language proficiency:

  • Little Explorers (5 to 8 years old)

  • Rising Stars (9 to 11 years old)

  • Globetrotters (12 to 15 years old)