Our Mission

SemSem School is a Foreign Languages and STEAM Saturday school based in Arlington VA. We offer Arabic, French, Coding, Arts and Crafts and Theater lessons to children ages 5 to 15 in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Our mission is to prepare children to become tomorrow's successful global citizens. We empower our students with life-changing skills by offering them high quality educational programs.

Our Foreign Languages classes immerse them in a second language and open their minds to new cultures.

Our Enrichment classes provide a nurturing environment where children practice the target language and build self-confidence while acquiring early social skills, such as public speaking.

In our Coding classes, students learn logic and programming skills through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) activities.

Our Approach 

Our innovative Curriculum is based on interaction, communication and collaborative play. Our approach incorporates activities and games that align with children’s developmental needs and interests and provide an enriching learning experience where curiosity and critical thinking are valued.

Our Team

Our professional language instructors are native-speakers and highly experienced working with children in an engaging and nurturing environment. 

Our enrichment educators are qualified in teaching Performing and Visual Arts to young learners in a fun and stimulating environment.

Our coding teachers are exceptional professionals and passionate about teaching coding and STEAM concepts to young learners.


Call to enroll now:

(571) 310-1215

Teacher and Student